What is Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga is the original hot yoga. It originates in northern India, near Nepal. It is therapeutic and challenging. Unlike most other styles, Bikram Yoga uses the same 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises every class. While the class stays the same, you begin to feel and see changes in your body and life. Everyone can benefit from this class as it is regarded as the most popular and holistic form of yoga in the world and designed for beginners. We especially recommend this to those with chronic pain or stress of any kind. 60 or 90 min.

What is Inferno Hot Pilates?

IHP is the best low impact, strength and cardio training you will find. It uses high-intensity interval training and pilates principles to address every area of the body. Add some upbeat dance music and you now have a party. Looking for core strength and a high energy work out? Like to have fun while sweating and feeling strong? This is the best around. 60 min.

Physical Benefits

  • ▲ Increases Flexibility
  • ▲ Reshapes Your Body
  • ▲ Improves Circulation
  • ▲ Increases Balance & Coordination
  • ▲ Raises Energy Level
  • ▲ Achieves Relief from Pain
  • ▲ Reduces Weight & Stress
  • ▲ Tones, Lengthens, and Strengthens Muscles
  • ▲ Improves Metabolism and Digestion
  • ▲ And More!

Mental Benefits

  • ▲ Improves Concentration
  • ▲ Enhances Self-Awareness
  • ▲ Strengthens Self-Discipline
  • ▲ Enhances Work Ethic
  • ▲ Improves Patience
  • ▲ Strengthens Determination
  • ▲ Greater Sense of Self Worth
  • ▲ Cultivates Gratitude & Calmness
  • ▲ Reduces Anxiety & Depression
  • ▲ And More!

Ready to Feel Better Than Ever?

We guarantee that a regular Bikram Yoga practice will change your life in the most wonderful ways. Whether you're looking to relieve stress, reshape your body, improve your concentration, cross train, and/or much, much more, you can achieve it and we're here to help.

If you feel a little nervous or intimidated initially, it's no problem! Many people feel this way initially, just don't let it stop you from coming to class. Bikram Yoga is designed for beginners, so with a little practice and experience, you'll quickly feel right at home.

  • ▲ Drink plenty of water before class
  • ▲ Avoid eating anything heavy 2 hours before class beings
  • ▲ Please arrive 15 minutes before class
  • ▲ Bring a bottle of water, yoga mat & large towel*
  • ▲ Wear light workout clothing
  • ▲ Shower and changing facilities available
  • ▲ Be prepared to work hard and sweat
*We sell bottled water, rent/sell yoga mats and rent towels


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  • Introductory Special $39 for 1 month unlimited (local residents only)
  • Drop-in Class $20
  • 5 Class Card $85 (1 year expiration)
  • 10 Class Card $145 (1 year expiration)
    $114 for students, teachers, seniors (65+), PD, FD, and military, with valid ID
  • 1 Month Unlimited $149
  • Monthly Autopay $114
    Discounted Autopay memberships are available for seniors (65+), students, teachers, fire department and police officers. Inquire in studio or contact us.
  • Annual $1199 (w/ mat & towel service)
  • Family Monthly Autopay $195 (up to four members)
  • Family Annual $2025 (up to four members)
  • Out of Town Special $50 (7 days of unlimited yoga)

Note: All classes and packages are nonrefundable.


Bikram and Raja Yoga Teacher Trainings are two of the most intense and longest certification of any yoga teacher training in the world. All Bikram certified teachers have 700-Hr level certifications. Raja Teachers have 500-hr level certifications. Bikram Yoga is the most popular and accessible form of yoga in the world. All Inferno Hot Pilates Coaches are trained by the Founder and Creator of Hot Pilates, same with Buti Yoga. We are the only studio in town that offers these premium brands, these premium experiences. Our teachers are trained by national and international experts with decades of experience training from national certifications, not just the "girl next door." That said, while we take our jobs and your classes very seriously, we try not to take ourselves too seriously (see below). Come and meet our wonderful teachers, take a class today!

Bikram Instructor, Owner, Director

Without yoga, Josh would be lying in a gutter with the filth of not only his broken dreams but yours as well. Fortunately, he's been practicing yoga for 16 years and has a love for teaching that is indescribable. Come to his class to smile while feeling destroyed in all the right ways.

Bikram Instructor

Since 2003, Jen has been helping people sweat away stress and find peace, strength, joy, and clarity. While not in the hot room helping you find your inner super hero, Jen is playing and learning with her family and friends. Don't worry your secret identity is safe with her ;)

IHP Coach

On a frigid day in January 2017, Kim discovered the hot room at Camel City Yoga. She knew this was special. After a decade of battling seasonal depression, she was determined to kick the winter blues where it hurt. As you might imagine, it was the magical goodness of Hot Yoga, followed by a new love affair with Inferno Hot Pilates that cured her from the evils of winter. If you are ready to look and feel amazing, check out one of Kim's Inferno Hot Pilates classes ASAP!

Bikram Instructor

Trudy raised her family with wolves in the depths of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Naturally, she she began teaching Bikram Yoga in 2002 at the tender age of 700. Students appreciate her mature willingness to allow them to chew their arms off during class, as long as it enhances their experience and fulfillment in the hot room. She's always there for you.

IHP Coach

Laura moved to Winston after leaving her home planet Venus in 2003. Around 2012, she discovered with what earthlings refer to as Bikram Yoga. Considering how close Venus is to the sun, she felt right at home in the hot and sweaty classes. Not convinced about Hot Pilates at first, she gave it a shot and it was a match made in heaven! Come and experience the high energy fun, that's out of this world ;)

Bikram and Yin Teacher

Joy found Bikram yoga when she was down on her luck; riddled with chronic back pain and sick of her desk job. It took only a few classes for her to know her life was going to start evolving at a rapid pace and she would eventually be sharing this yoga with others. She has gained a lot from yoga and is inspired by witnessing other students grow. Joy hopes the yoga gives a thoroughly deep experience for the body and the mind. Deep... like real deep.

Bikram Instructor

After a year of making really good excuses, she finally took a class and has been in love with the yoga, the studio, and its people ever since. Through yoga Alison has learned there is more to life than just waiting til the next netflix binge. There's two options: 1. Feeling like a bum and 2. Making a change. We can help you with the latter.

IHP Coach

At the age of 9 Alex fell in love with Richard Simmons and his Sweating to the Oldies work out videos, so naturally this evolved into teaching Inferno Hot Pilates. She LOVES fitness and ukulele. She's sweet but sneaky and has you sweating before you know what hit you. Because of her diverse interests you are bound to find her anywhere about town. Be on the lookout! It's like a live action Where's Waldo.

Official Greeter, Spiritual Adviser

Benihana is a dog.



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Below you'll find a few testimonials from students at our studio. If you'd like to share how this yoga has made a difference in your life, send us a message.

It's Bliss!!!


I began my Bikram Yoga practice less than two years ago. In that time, much has changed...

Allergy season was once a couple of weeks here or there, but it morphed into an almost year-round battle. Mucinex cocktails were my daily vitamins. Fed up, I entered "the hot room." Almost immediately, my seasonal allergies disappeared. This is not an exaggeration: I have not taken allergy medicine one time in the 20 months that I have been practicing Bikram Yoga.

My back was in TERRIBLE shape. Not anymore. Have you ever been on a date while your lower back is so injured that a dropped menu is a tragedy worse than death? Sure, we can go for a walk. Do you mind if I hobble?" This really happened to me. It was the third time I had hurt my lower back in 14 months. As I increased the frequency of my yoga practice, my back began to heal. Slowly. I now feel in-tune with my body, and my lower back feels great!

"If I do Bikram Yoga, I will lose weight!" True! Sort of. You have to eat a proper diet, too. Less than six months ago, I stopped feeling like I "earned those M&Ms," started counting calories, and I have dropped over 30 pounds with Bikram Yoga as my only workout. Who wants my old fat pants?

In short, Camel City Yoga has changed my life. The community of yogis is a diverse, supportive, friendly, and fun group. The instructors take good care of us. The studio has a fresh, clean feeling. Once you begin your Bikram Yoga practice, you will fresh and clean, as well (despite all of the sweat!). Stop thinking about trying it and start practicing!


I always loved yoga but I like to sweat while I work out so I tried Boxing, many kinds of boot camps, Zumba, all kinds of crazy cardio routines, weights.... But none worked like Bikram (Hot) Yoga. I started taking 2-3 classes a week for a month and then one day I just signed up for 60 day challenge and this is the best workout decision I have ever made.

The 60 Day Challenge helped me with:

1. Allergies: I had pollen and grass allergy and now they are all gone, I am pulling down my car windows and feel the fresh air with no fear of allergies.

2. Sleep Issues: I am a light sleeper. Only after 2-3 hours I hit the bed, I could go deep into sleep. I used to wake up so many times in the middle of the night and never could go back to sleep but unbelievably on the third week of 60 day challenge, I started sleeping like a baby ever since, nothing I tried for this problem before ever worked.

3. Migraines: I used to get horrible migraines which is kind of genetic and they kept me up at nights with so pain and sensitivity, I did not have 1 single migraine during or after the 60-day challenge.

4. Weight & Sizes: I am a foodie and I did not diet much at all on the 60 day challenge but Hot yoga controlled my cravings, now I feel hungry at the right time and for right quantities even if I am having dessert or salads. With no strict diet, I have lost 12 pounds and 1 size. It started reducing the fat where you don't move much in any other exercise and I felt like it was sculpting my body. I feel great. I was scared if I will be able to complete the challenge but after 2 weeks of challenge, I looked forward to be in the Hot room. I thank every Yoga teacher - Josh , Trudy , Aviva and Jen who inspired me throughout the challenge.

With all hot (yoga) love ;-)

"I knew hot yoga everyday would improve my yoga practice and postures. What I didn't expect was how much it improved my life outside the hot room."


I would like to take a moment to thank all the Camel City Yoga instructors for their support and encouragement. I attended my first class on May 11, 2015. This is the single life changing event of my life. I attended a whole health work shop at work where I learned of Hot Yoga. I also realized how unbalanced my mind, body, spiritual, diet, exercise, and relaxation/ stress control had become. I made my action plan that day to become better. Bikram (Hot) Yoga was the last thing I tried out of a list of exercise options and the most beneficial. I didn't exercise for 8 months due to injuries. I started as a couch potato beginner with chronic back and foot pain and I did it. It is amazing how you feel after class; mind and body balanced, unhealthy food cravings diminished, generally relaxed! After my 3rd class Trudy taught me proper hip alignment and my back pain decreased each class thereafter. Josh and Jen are super helpful with tips and support. The heat allowed my muscles to warm so I had range of motion I had not had in years. I have lost 8 pounds in less than two months, I do not "stress eat," and my body has toned more in a month than years of doing kickboxing and weight lifting. I look forward to going to class where I dreaded the gym. I am so proud of my progress, I still have areas of difficulties in motion but I am better than I was when I started. Bikram Yoga is addictive. Many people tell me I glow and radiate peace. And I am absolutely beautiful with the softer skin and hair. I will be a life time member of Camel City Yoga! Namaste!


"I would like to share a few words of encouragement for anyone that may be wondering if Bikram Yoga is right for them: First, the instructors are wonderful, salt of the earth people and I thank God that they provide the service they do! My body, although not that old(35), was in bad shape from my time in the Marine Corps, having kids, and sitting behind a desk. I put on several pounds over the years, smoked, and was unhealthy. I reached the point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. I wanted/needed motivation and through a series of events, I was lead to try Bikram Yoga. My last cigarette was seven months ago, I went to a more natural and clean diet and started my practice. I have lost approximately 40 pounds and my body is back to what it was when I was a hard charging, 20 year old Marine! Besides the physical benefits, I am finding myself again through my practice. I stand by and believe in this practice and encourage others to try it out. It is not easy, but therein lies your reward! Namaste Y'all!!!


"It's cheaper than therapy and I've lost 25 pounds."


"I used to practice Bikram quite regularly, but life got busy and I hadn't been to a yoga class in over a year. I was trying to get back into the exercise habit by doing some other sorts of workouts and injured my knee. The orthopedist said that I had been sitting so much that when I returned to exercise, my hip and leg muscles knotted up to the point that they had pulled my knee cap out of alignment. Thus started a regimen of physical therapy that helped, but certainly didn't cure, my knee pain. I tried everything - dry needling, foam rolling, stretching every hour on the hour - but nothing worked. I finally decided, with my physical therapist's blessing, to return to my old friend Bikram. I've been twice a week for three weeks (only SIX classes!), and my knee pain is completely gone. When I last saw my physical therapist, he couldn't believe the difference in my muscles - both in strength and flexibility. After months of pain and frustration, just three weeks in the hot room got me back on my feet. And - I've lost 5 pounds, to boot!"


"In December of 2015 I began hot yoga at Camel City Yoga. I was at my highest weight and out of shape. I averaged attending the 60 minute lunch class around twice a week and felt the mental and physical benefits after only 2-3 classes. Within 4-6 months I had lost around 20 pds and 2 inches in the waist and felt great. I switched over to hot pilates when it was added and the results in fitness were drastic. I lost another 10 pds and 2 inches in only a month by still going twice a week. I couldn’t be a bigger supporter of what Cael City Yoga has to offer and have renewed my annual membership. In no way am I great at either yoga or hot pilates but you still get the benefit no matter what your starting point."